002Waste To Energy

Why is there even a thing called waste? We now know that what used to be called garbage can be turned into energy. Industrial processes generating waste heat can be converted back to different high-value energy forms, such as electricity or cooling.

In the past, the price of oil, gas and coal powered solutions have been low, especially since they historically did not factor in the cost of CO2 emissions. This has led to a lack of innovation and optimization, rendering the development of waste to energy technology at a stand-still.
Until now.

We use available technology to take care of the so-called waste. Low temperature heat is converted into electricity. Methane gas leakage from garbage disposals is converted to electricity. Organic waste is converted into biogas, used for transportation or electricity production. Combustible waste is converted into electricity. By combining and optimizing above technologies, we will strive for the highest possible efficiency 
for each plant.