Residential BESS

iKran series | epowercube

Residential Battery Energy Storage System

Designed in Sweden and selects to use the safest battery cells. Provides reliable and continuous safe and clean power supply

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Active detection to prevent failures and danger

IP65 waterproof and dustproof

Switching time <10ms

Long warranty 10 years

Low noise<25db

Low voltage compatibility

All in one design

Remote control

iKran ePowercube

Working Modes

Low Voltage Model Specs




220/230Vac (single phase)


550*240*1250mm / 550*240*1800mm


10 years


High Voltage Model Specs



3600Va/4600Va /5000Va/6000Va



550*233*1125mm(5.12kWh AIO) /550*233*1750mm(10.24kWh AIO)


10 years


The benefits of Solar + Storage combined

iKran series | epowercube

Residential Battery Energy Storage System

  • Solar panels bundled with ePowercube
  • Economically sensible
  • No recurring costs on solar power supply
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Integrate with your roof mounted solar panels or Superstate’s Solar Tracking System

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Optimize your home to be smart and energy efficient

You can count on iKran ePowercube as we use the latest and the safest technology. Superstate smart Battery Management system (BMS) is integrated with Superstate Power Conversation System (PCS).

The Battery Management System is loaded with Lithium cells that comes with an industry leading battery warranty coverage up-to 80% capacity after 10 years of daily cycling.

Maximum Solar Power Self-Consumption

The extra electricity generated from a home solar system is typically exported to the grid. However, most homes use a significant amount of electricity in the evening, after their solar systems stop producing for the day. With Superstate iKran series ePowercube, the excess power will be stored and more clean energy can be used when the sun is not shining.

Optimize your Energy Value

iKran ePowercube is highly cost-effective and allows you to get the best return of your investment in solar PV. With solar plus storage, you have protection against rising costs from Time of Use (TOU) rates and can avoid buying power from the grid when the price is high. Solar cannot reduce the amount of demand from a house after the sun goes down without the help of energy storage. With ePowercube, the excess power will be stored and more clean energy can be used when the sun is not shining.



The master of your home energy

The iKran Cloud platform will let you know more about how your home energy is consumed, supporting you to optimize your home for clean and smart energy consumption.

View your energy usage in real time

Every second counts, know your current energy consumption anytime, anywhere.

Insights into your energy consumption

See your energy consumption insights. Narrow it down to hourly or expand it to yearly. Helps you to improve your consumption behavior.

Customize as you like.

Self Powered Mode, Load Shifting Mode or Back-up Mode, choose the best mode for you.


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