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Toruk Series

Industrial Battery Engergy Storage System

Energy storage, current and pressure booster machine

In order to adapt to large-scale energy storage power station modularity, integration, convenient design requirements, ePowerstation energy storage converter booster all-in-one energy storage module, step-up transformer, energy storage converter, such as high and low voltage power distribution unit, communication unit installed in a movable cabinet, can achieve rapid construction of energy storage power station, and this product has the function of virtual synchronization, Taiwan autonomous region can realize new energy.


Precise Management

Precise management for each battery cluster.
Avoid battery clusters connected in parallel.

All In One Design

Integrated design of energy storage, current converter and boost.
To provide customers with portable integrated solutions

Intelligent Security

IP54 protection, integrated intelligent fire protection system,
Multi-point temperature control design, fast fire extinguishing.

Grid Friendly

High voltage traversal, low voltage traversal, active power scheduling, reactive power scheduling, resonance suppression function, virtual synchronization, imbalance compensation, harmonic compensation, power factor compensation.

Circuit Diagram

ePowerstation Specs

Lithium iron phosphate /230Ah

380 + / – 20% V

Three phase four wire

+ / – 50/60 Hz

0.5% or less Ipn


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