Renewable Ammonia Production

New innovative production technology to produce large quantities of Ammonia using Renewable Electricity such as Solar Power.

Ammonia is the perfect energy storage medium for the agricultural industry as the product can be used both as a fertilizer and as fuel to farming equipment.

Small test rig to produce Renewable Ammonia up and running. Some technical adjustments is ongoing with initial test results to be obtained in August. Integral part of the Self Sustainable Farm project where a stage 1 project funding has been obtained from Agtec 2030 and Vinnova

Solar Cooling and Storage

The Superstate Solar Collector is the world’s first solar collector to combine heating, colling and energy storage. The Collector will be able to deliver solar heating during nighttime. Perfect for sunny days with cold nights.

Superstate Solar Collector is a product currently under development where one interesting application is to keep crops fresh in hotter climates off-grid by providing cooling directly from the sun without any need for electricity

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