Superstate starts development center for solar tracker “Solarmotion” on Åland

Superstate’s new development center for solar trackers is located at Mörbyvägen 150, AX22240 Hammarland, Åland. When you drive past the address, you will see a number of installed solar trackers pointing towards the sky and following the sun’s movements.

An interesting fact is that Åland is the world’s most solar tracker-dense area with around 70 solar trackers installed on the islands in the last ten years by the same team that now leads the development of Superstate’s new solar tracker Solarmotion. Solarmotion comes with a built-in wind protection mode for better safety in strong winds as well as a larger solar panel surface area per solar tracker, which means you get a much better durability and a much shorter payback period compared to solar trackers previously set up on Åland.

“Solar tracking increases electricity production by around 50% per year compared to a stationary panel facing south with an ideal tilt. The extra energy is generated in the morning and evening, which matches the consumption curve of a typical household much more efficiently than a static system that peaks in the middle of the day.“ says Mikael and Ray Olsson – Development Managers leading the development of Superstate Solarmotion with more than 10 years of experience in solar tracking.

If you are interested in learning more about our solar trackers, you can contact us via, and we will answer any questions and/or book a time for when you can come by our development center and see our solar trackers first hand, says Mikael Olsson.

Superstate Solarmotion is a fully automatic dual-axis solar tracker with development center and demonstration site located at Hammarland, Åland